Dit Klingt Jut


Innacircle *Live

(Geistzeit, Rebellion der Träumer)

Noa and Lucas became friends in school and shared their first flat together during university. It was a messy time filled with lots of music and love. Noa started very early with formal piano lessons while Lucas learned the saxophone and became a musical conductor. Back then they started producing individually but soon realized that they work really well together so they started creating music as Innacircle.

The Innacircle sound can best be described as a fusion between ethereal techno and progressive house, combining the lush melancholic melodies with dark energetic basslines and natural wooden percussion sounds. Being influenced by many esoteric concepts throughout the production process every song also has its own take on the producers self development and refers to a certain change in the mindset while producing. The tracks tell a story with highs and lows which makes the listening experience exciting and dramatic.



Melodic and driving, a sound for that brings together light and darkness. This is zweifelsfall.
Good friends KOLORZ and maltech express their deep love for the genre of Melodic Techno
within their shared DJ project zweifelsfall. Next to hosting their own parties they are also
running the music promotion platform DIT KLINGT JUT in the heart of Berlin.




Originally from Argentina, Andshe is a Berlin-based DJ. In her music journeys shares her own explorations and confusions in the dancefloor specializing in downtempo electronic music and the edges of the genre influenced by the dark Berlin’s scene.

02. Oelex .jpeg


Die besten DJ's sind leidenschaftliche Raver. Mit diesem Motto und mit seinen langsamen und energievollen Klängen verbreitet OELEX seit letzten Jahr ein Feuerwerk der Emotionen im Nachtleben seiner Heimatstadt Berlin.

Er wird euch mit melodischen und entspannten Tönen versorgen die zum Träumen einladen

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