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Buckt It

We are Buckit! 2 Australians in Berlin playing techno style beats on big blue buckets. High energy and positive charm we are sure to bring a smile for all those in need! 

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Fernanda Aleman

Argentine producer and composer. Residing in Barcelona. More than 10 years making music, 5 self-managed and collectively produced albums. NOGOYÁ, her latest album is available for listening on Spotify. She offers shows in electronic format merging its songs in the style of Dream Pop. Generating a mantric atmosphere of voices, synthesizer loops, guitars, silence

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Hoy Gut

Hoy Gut is the solo project of Berlin-based singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Paul Hoyle Gutierrez. Melding folk, rock and indie influences into a soulful and rhythmic conversation, the Peruvian musician offers musicality fit for the ears of any listener willing to embark on a heart-centered journey. 



Let yourself be carried away by KonstanThyme’s metaphorical approach to songwriting. KonstanThyme was born and raised in Berlin. With different languages, rhythms and atmospheres, he allows us to look into his intellectual and emotional world, shows us his heart and mind and how the two interact. His lyrics touch social, philosophical and sometimes just down to the ground topics. He writes songs in English, German, Portuguese, French, Spanish and Arabic.

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Marble Waves

A melodious mix of folk and pop music, where an effortless blend of harmonies, dreamy guitar play and traces of indie and Americana come together.

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Sara Hartman & Yamirah

Sara Hartman is a pseudo-pop singer and Yamirah plays a smooth mix of pop jazz on an exceptionally shiny Les Paul. Both ladies are based in and enjoy Berlin, especially in summertime! They both enjoy wine, weird instruments, cats and jam sessions. For this set they have Lilli joining them on vocoder, birds and bells. They all sparkle simultaneously for this and are excited to share new music with the known universe. <3

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Tommy Jay Brownson

Tommy Jay Brownson is an seasoned working musician who takes the tools and experience he's gained playing a wide variety of musical styles to craft is own sound. There is a modern texture, but resting on the foundation of intentional, expressive songwriting that so many feel is so underrepresented in the popular music of today. Melody and groove are the driving forces, drawing inspiration from the lasting hits of legends like Stevie Wonder or Michael Jackson as well as modern giants like Tom Misch, John Mayer, or Jason Mraz.

Antonia Vai

coming soon

coming soon


Cuché Tange

Cuché Tango is an Argentinian duo formed by Aldana Lezcano (guitarist and singer) and Gustavo García Noya (saxophonist) that honors the great tango classics in a not so classic way. With this original combination of instruments for the genre, they are surprising dancers and general public at festivals, milongas and different scenarios of more than 20 countries of Europe and South America. Today they continue breaking frontiers, sharing with you part of their two albums (Cuché tango and El Abrazo Itinerante).

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José Gil 

Jose Gil is a chilean gitarist. His music mixes south american folk & jazz, which he usually performs in collaboration with several different artists of the local scene. Check out his band Caravana Trío!


Trio Nidaš

Die drei Musiker, die sich während ihres Studiums an der Musikhochschule Lübeck kennenlernten, spielen Kompositionen von Klassik über Klezmer bis hin zu Tango und Gypsy Swing. Die Besetzung Violine, Klarinette und Gitarre ist einzigartig und die Arrangements sind handgemacht.

"Erlebt die impulsive Kraft des Tangos neben der berührenden Schlichtheit und reinen Schönheit der Klassik sowie die mitreißende und überschwängliche Ausdruckskraft des Klezmer."

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Hailing from Berlin, Cile combines her dynamic vocals with electronic sounds, acoustic instrumentals and energetic beats.

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Hannah Jaha

Eine Stimme, ein Erlebnis - zwischen strahlender Hoffnung und umarmender  Melancholie.

Hannah Jaha steht für jungen, modernen Soul-Pop mit authentischen Texten und viel Gefühl. 

Als gebürtige Mannheimerin mit gambischen Wurzeln schreibt sie Songs in deutscher und englischer Sprache.

Die Geschichten, die sie dabei erzählt, sind emotionale Erlebnisse aus dem Alltag.

Die ausdrucksstarke Wahl ihrer Worte und ihre samtweiche Stimme machen ihre Musik zu etwas ganz Besonderem. 

Hannah Jaha bezaubert mit ihrer sympathischen, ehrlichen Art und lässt ihre Zuhörer dabei ganz tief in ihre Welt eintauchen.


Johanna Amelie

Johanna Amelie is a Berlin based multi-instrumentalist, singer/ songwriter and composer. She cites Regina Spektor and Joni Mitchell as her main influences. J.A. writes songs about anything that moves her, observing her own state of mind, romance, death, human behaviour and the world around her. In the past 4 years, Johanna Amelie has played more then 300 shows in Europe, in Ghana, Morocco and New Zealand, collaborating with international and local artists. She is signed to the London based Label "Zero Hours" and has produced her records „Cloud in A Room“ (2014), „Distance" (2017) and „One Moon“ (2018) at various studios in Berlin and London. In 2016, Johanna Amelie started 'V-Breakfast': a monthly meet up for female*  artists in Berlin. The purpose of the group is to build a community to inspire and support each other while working independently.



LIE NING is an artist from Berlin who gives a musical home to your complex bundle of emotions. With his EP 'traffic songs for the inbetweens' the young singer delivers a debut of impressive maturity, surprising depth and international appeal. His music is timeless, gently energetic and open-heartedly brainy. Between indie, pop, wave and disco, from a bitter sweet place of hopeful melancholy.

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Thala is a 26yr old Singer&Songwriter/Composer from Berlin and only recently started floating through the Indie-scene. With her debut release 'Serenade'.

She captures the perfect retro 70s atmosphere and creates a dreamy ambience. Her sound alternates between Mazzy Star and Beach House. She is also about to drop her second single release out of her upcoming EP,  on April 24th. Let's see what else she's got in store.

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Álvaro Zambrano

Soy oficialmente Cantante de Ópera (Tenor / Oper Leipzig ) pero amante de la música popular, Multi-Instrumentista y sobretodo de la música latina. También admirador de la música de los 70s, tengo una banda llamada "Los Pitutos" , formada por músicos latinos en Alemania. Mi música se basa en boleros, baladas y valses en Español, Italiano y Francés. 

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Bitch Please

Will and Esther grew up in a small country town in NSW, learning violin from their mum from around 3 years old, with kinder surprise incentives for 7 practices in a row. After Will moved to Berlin for love and Esther moved to Melbourne for its great weather, they wrote music inspired by their 90s Rage addictions while galavanting on their annual Christmas catchups. Wanting to hang out and play more they booked shows in Germany, Ireland, Denmark, Greece, Switzerland and toured up and down the East and West coasts of Australia, selling out venues and having heaps of fun. 




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Ian Lasserre

In Trice (Átimo), the second album produced by the Swedish label, Ajabu, Brazilian musician and songwriter, Ian Lasserre  translates the photographable instant into musical notation. The 10 songs build the idea of the life long and minute-length trice, creating a web that rescues philosophical values left behind with the flux of disposable matters that should not be undervalued. 

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Temple Haze

Temple Haze's music is an ever evolving and ever changing tapestry. From his roots in blues and alt-country music to modern downbeat, ambient and lo-fi, Temple combines both pop and abstract songwriting in his unique world of beat production. What to expect? An eclectic and delectable sonic mixture of RnB, lofi, IDM, neo soul, and singer-songwriter with lots of Groove in between.

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She Goes North

Born in Jerusalem and raised in Abu Dhabi and London, She Goes North is a folk pop singer songwriter based in Berlin. She is currently working on her first EP “Wonder”, set to be released in Summer 2020. Her songs tell stories of growth, gratitude and the power of being in the now, inspired by spending time in nature and the sound of artists such as Mogli, Ben Howard, Maggie Roggers and Daughter.   

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