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House-head Smau is a fresh face on the Berlin scene, but is already pulling off top-notch sets and impressing house music lovers. His track selection is often nothing short of amazing for a young newcomer. His latest work with Tonträger collective was especially well received.

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Von zart bis hart- man weiß nie, was einen erwartet. In ihren Sets geht es gut und gerne drunter und drüber, abhängig vom gegenwärtigen Augenblick- so stellt sie jede Erwartung auf den Kopf. Wie wild das nächste Set wird, bleibt stets spannend - sicher ist nur das es eine aufregende Reise wird, auf die Madame uns entführt.

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Gianni Noel

Gianni Noel has been there since the Dawn of KANVAS, and is the black beating heart of our dark techno sounds. You can always tell when he is smashing the decks with his raw and heavy style.

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Kotti Carsten

Kotti Carsten

A rising legend in the Berlin scene, Kotti Carsten’s approach to rave music takes it to the boundaries and back. His beats are playful and his crowd are always wild. With a growing soundcloud presence, and great party reputation, it’s only a matter of time before you’ll see him in demand at every underground party.

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Max Wittig

Max Wittig

Long time music producer and KANVAS resident Disco DJ Max Wittig can set the mood any place, and any time. His timeless music style is guaranteed to bring you good vibes and pure nostalgia, if you weren’t already getting your boogie on!

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Ben Mono & TMSN

Gaining respect and passionate fans with their “Operate” parties, Ben Mono & TMSN turn Berlin’s dance music scene upside down. Their distinctivley fresh and bass-heavy sound regularly gets attention from Germany, Europe, and beyond. With their love for UK underground music genres, these boys have successfully conquered some of Berlins most renound clubs with music forms rarely heard in Germany.

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Young and upcoming talent Balk, is a familiar face on the underground party scene in Berlin. His love for Berlin’s electronic sound has gained him frequent main stage slots that he fills with an immersive mix of melodic Techno and self made material.

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Founder of Elysion collective Nanno is mixing fast sets of uplifting industrial tracks with mesmerising vocal samples, including songs of his own production. His parties are becoming institutional at Humboldhain club, and we’ll definitely see more of him in the future on the Berlin scene.


Mei Nyia

Niya is a visual artist based in Berlin. With her projections and reflections she takes you on a journey trough the sixth, the eleventh and maybe even the hundredth fractal dimension.

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Micheal Gubaew

Michael Gubaew’s easy going music vibes, are perfect come day or night. His bouncy beats will lead you on a music journey from old school dance classics to the freshest tech-house. You can always identify him by his signature tracksuit style.

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Yves Meyer

Yves Meyer, founder of setisfaction. Withhis deep and thumping style, he is bringing the best of melodic and dark techno to dance floors around Berlin.

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Katakomben Krew resident, Syrap, with his signature fast and hard tunes is making waves across the Berlin Underground scene. Alongside his new nikayama project, his new alias DJ Hentai is focusing on more trance and hardcore sounds. Big things are coming

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Beth Alana

British-born musician Beth Alana, is known for pushing the limits of techno with intensity and speed. Her international music influences lead her to experiment with genres such as Garage and Drum & Bass, and mix them with classic German rave sounds.

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With his ecstatic mix of Disco, Hi-NRG and Italo, Bongsy has been bringing new funky vibes to Berlins party scene for years. You can easily tell he is there with all his heart. In his successful event series Idiothek he’s getting disco legends from all around the globe to heat up the local spots under the disco ball.

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Lorenza Laserstein

Lorenza Laserstein

A regular guest in some of Berlin’s notorious nightlife hotspots, Lorenza Laserstein’s broad spectrum of sounds impresses the crowd wherever he plays. 

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Toxido Mask

Berlin based Toxido Mask is known for her passionate energy and high quality performance during every set she delivers. Her main aim is to provoke music lovers to listen deeper into music, step outside the normal habits of hearing. As well as being booked by venues such as Berghain Kantine, Griessmuehle and Club der Visionaere, she’s a familiar friendly face on the Berlin scene.

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Adrian Sand

Native Berliner, Adrian Sand, will show you the sounds of Berlin’s industrial techno scene.

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