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INKAA takes us to the unleashed in outerspace!

Travel with her to planets beyond our solarsystem, break through mystical black wholes and it’s gravity only by this magic music. Come together and discover the unknown new universe and dance into the intergalactic supernova. Seeing INKAA perform is always a more than mindblowing experience.

INKAA inspires senses.

And it’s not only the music, not just the way she is styled and not just the community of souls that surround her.

It’s the unique sphere she creates with her mix of deep techno and slow tech house – traveling right from your ear into every angle of your soul.



„Mit ihrem deepen und zeitgleich progressiven Sound lädt dich Coramøøn nicht nur zum Tanzen, sondern auch zum Träumen ein. Ihre energiegeladenen Sets sind ihre ganz persönliche Liebeserklärung an die Hauptstadt!“

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Daniela Hensel

Despite her many festival gigs, she never stopped playing in clubs. The Berlin Club scene, is like her living room. In clubs like Suicide Circus Daniela is a welcome face. People Love her shows, because she is in constant contact with her audience. It’s not just her music, it’s her performance and the energy. She doesn’t need words to catch the crowd. It’s all about her vibe.

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Demir & Seymen

For "Demir & Seymen", the goal of their productions is clear: tracks that touch you through irresistible rhythms and goosebump-invoking melodies. They successfully move between deep house, tech house and techno. It's no wonder that they have already released on various renowned labels such as Trapez or MBF. With that comes their DJ experience. As DJs the duo proves their infallible sense for the vibe of the party, in clubs as well as festivals in and outside of Germany.

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Lilly & 

Take you into an energetic sound galaxy between Istanbul and Berlin. 

Together, their productions and dj-sets are a tipping ride of dark disco and indie techno beats. ‘Rigel’, Lilly & Kazan’s debut EP, stormed the indie dance beatport charts in between days. Beside playing at known festivals and clubs around Europe, the duo is co-founder of Christa Kupfer, a recently opened new club venue in the heart of Kreuzberg.

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